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Introduction to AmiBroker book front cover

This website is the home for the book,
Introduction to AmiBroker,
by Dr. Howard Bandy

The book discusses the installation and use of the AmiBroker trading system development platform.
The book is a tutorial and introduction.

With the publication of the second edition, August 2012, the book is free for personal use.

Use the "Book" link on the banner above to reach the download page.

Update August 14, 2012

The first edition of Introduction to AmiBroker is out of print.

The Second Edition is available in pdf format for download.
It is free for personal use.
The revised book reflects the current version of the AmiBroker program, 5.50, and 5.56 beta.
The book has fewer pages (the reference section was significantly shortened).
Illustrations of operations and their results have been re-captured, and are now in color.

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